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About The Overworld

The standard overworld for Iris the Dimension Engine. New and Improved! The Overworld dimension has over 80+ biomes, it's the official Dimension for Iris Get the latest release of the Overworld here

Contributors & Creators:

  • Astrash (A lot of biomes, objects, generator configurations, caves, and jigsaw structures For v2. His pack here: Continents)

  • Brian (Created the origin (overworld v1), and content in the pack. Most of the objects and biomes are of his making, and free to use for anyone who owns Iris), and writer of the Legacy Wiki; and Project Manager

  • Coco (Did much of the bug fixing, configuration tweaks, merges, and early v2 development)

  • Cyberpwn (Much of the early Bases and development of the iris plugin)

  • Espen (Cave, Ore, and Other improvements)

  • K530 (Biome reworks, and mountain generation)

  • RaydenKonig (Innovative ideas and configurations)

  • Strangeone101 (Biome, Generator, and Cave generation creation and modification)

  • thefourCraft (One of the Iris Wiki Editor/Maintainer)

Great thanks to these people for contributing to the pack. If you want to contribute as well, feel free to make a fork and pull requests. Please contact us on Discord if you have some changes up for review!

The documentation might be different in your version of Iris (as all versions will be). All of the information on this wiki, legacy or otherwise is an invaluable resource and will teach you everything you need to know. please keep in mind that the discord is ALSO a CRITICAL place to look for cupport, and almost required when navigating iris. This documentation was Written by thefourCraft, it's not officially maintained by us, but the information is Accurate at the point of writing this.

Biome Categories

Installation Guide

Read this page Getting Started

Follow all the Installation Guides and if you have any problems feel free to contact us on discord


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