Localhost Server Setup

A quick tutorial on how to setup a locally hosted server using Purpur, which you can use to easily edit Iris packs. You need this over a hosted server to be able to use VSCode autocompletions, GUI-bas


For this tutorial we will use Purpur. You will need to download the latest 1.17 version.

You will also need the latest version of Iris, which you can download from spigot.

You will also need to create some files with some edits, as follows:

  1. Create a new folder anywhere on your pc (not in the downloads folder), and give it any name you like. We will create the server in this folder

  2. Move the downloaded purpur.jar file into that folder (it has a different name when you download it, rename it to purpur.jar)

  3. Create a new folder inside that folder called plugins, and put the downloaded iris.jar file into that folder (you do not have to rename that file)

  4. Create a file in the folder called eula.txt, open it and enter eula=true

  5. Create a file in the folder called run.txt, open it and enter the following:

java -jar -Xmx4G -Xms4G purpur.jar nogui

Save all files and rename the run.txt file to run.bat.


You can now run your server by double-clicking the run.bat file.

Your server will reboot once, because Iris needs to do that. You may have to start your server back up manually if it does not automatically start up again.


You can join your server from your Minecraft client (which you have to run on the same network as the PC on which you run the server, e.g. the PC itself).

You join the server by going to multiplayer, clicking direct connection, entering localhost as address, and clicking join server.

Make sure everything went right by doing /iris version. If that command works, you are good to go!


We offer support on our Discord. You can ask questions there if you run into an error, for example, and want to know how to fix it. Thank you for using Iris!

  • The Volmit Software Team

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