Iris has strong VSCode integration to help you develop Dimensions quickly and easily. All you need to know is in there.

One of the best tools of Iris, probably the single most important one, is VSCode's Auto-completions & Descriptions feature

Start by taking Microsoft's installing VSCode for windows tutorial. They also feature tutorials for macOS and Linux. These tutorials take 5 minutes.

To verify your installation is set-up such that you can continue with the rest of the Engine tutorials:

  • Start your server (must be localhost, so on your pc. Setup Guide Here)

  • Download the "empty" dimension with /iris studio download empty

  • Open the VSCode editor with /iris studio vscode empty

The single most important thing to remember is using ctrl + space anywhere in a file. It shows you all auto-completions possible at that position. Press the up & down arrow keys to navigate through them and show descriptions.

The second most important is that you can hover your mouse over any variable for a description / explanation of that variable.

Note how the title of the window contains (Workspace). If your window does not show this, you have opened the folder, instead of the workspace.

If you have openend the folder, you will have no autocompletions or tooltips, so make sure to open the pack with /iris studio vscode (localhost only)!

If you can do all those steps without trouble, you are good to go! If you find yourself stuck at any point in this tutorial, contact support.

You continue the main tutorial by reading Studio.

VSCode Video

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