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This page introduces you to Iris' configuration Wiki pages. Read this thoroughly so you can find information more easily.

It is highly recommended that you host a local server on the same machine that you run the Minecraft client on when designing dimensions. Iris has tools that open GUIs from the server process, which it can only do on the same machine. It also makes hot-loading effective.

It is also highly recommended that you have VSCode Installed. Iris takes full advantage of its workspace functionality and allows for effective content assist features. This means that VSCode can autocomplete fields as well as reference other files in all the correct spots. This will make your life significantly easier when using Iris!

Please install VSCode before using Iris Projects.

Video tutorial

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Structure of the Studio Wiki Pages

We will provide two types of tutorials: Understanding and Mastering. As these types suggest, Understanding is for the basic know-how of the files to be able to make quick changes and tweaks, whereasMastering contains all options with a short, more abstract, description of their respective effects to allow full control.

Both Understanding and Mastering have pages. These pages correspond with the types of objects as found in the "Overworld" pack like follows:

These are ordered in order of importance (most impactful highest)

  • Dimensions

  • Regions

  • Biomes

  • Generators

  • Objects

  • Structures

  • Loot

  • Entities

Editing can be fairly simple in one and very complex in another area. We ask you to use the Wiki when you are in search for answers regarding editing Dimensions. If the Wiki is insufficient, unclear, incomplete, outdated, or you would rather talk to someone directly, the support Discord is always open for questions.

In the pages for each of the types you can find a video tutorial at the top if available for that section.

Hopefully these pages are enough to get the hang of the near-infinite possibilities you have with Iris. The sky is the limit (or the build height actually, ha-ha)!

Tips for testing

Sometimes you need to get to a biome you created and you may not be able to find it. Maybe you set it to be a rare biome or something else is causing low spawn rates. You can use the studio GOTO command to find your biome. This command can check 2,000+ locations per second without loading a single chunk.

You can also find out what a block you are looking at is, what an item in your hand is or what biome you are in.

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