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This page is not updated. We put our answers in here and then forget about them. This is because this page would take way too much time to upkeep. If you find something that is useful, great! If it does not work because of some change in Iris, you are welcome to either figure it out yourself (as we taught you with the other pages in the Engine section), or ask support for help.

Making a biome

To create a biome such as this one, follow this:

  • Assuming that I am using the default package, I would create a new generator that would be very jagged in terms of cliffs where you start really high and then it cuts down straight but it would have a flattened top we kinda already have this and I know that someone just managers this on their own in iris-screenshots , but regardless that's my first step

  • Second is I would make a layered parker fire the surface of the new biome where I'd manually put in like 7-10 layers just like the current pack in my desired colors.

  • Third I would make an identical biome topographically but without the layers (just the top most this is going to be my main biome

  • Fourth, this is where you have to make a decision do you want each of the pillars to be infinitely high or do you want it to be a set amount if you want it infinitely high I would add a child biome of the one with all of the layers of itself inside of itself so whenever it generates it will look for itself to generate as well again and again and again but it will only ever be inside the pillar so if I had a 10 x 10 pillar inside could be a 4 x 4 pillar then inside that could be a one by one pillar and they will be stacked on top of each other. Or I can just make a copy of the original biome and manually increase the value and manually set it in inside.

  • Once I’ve done that I’m pretty much finished all I have to do now is add it to the region so depending on what region I want it to be in I would put it there, then I would ensure that that region is in the dimension then I would start the server and enjoy

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