Getting Started

A quick start to get you generating Iris worlds in no-time!

This tutorial was made using Purpur. We strongly recommend using it. Paper is also supported. Spigot is supported, but lacks some key features, especially in terms of performance. Please use paper or a fork of paper for all the beautiful features!

Generally speaking, do not update Iris. More information in the FAQ.

Do not use Aikar's flags with Iris, especially while pre-generating. Care to know why? Ask in our Discord.


Of course, use the latest Iris version available for your server version.

  • Start the server.

  • Wait. Iris will restart the server to install the pack. You may need to manually start it again.

  • Make sure it all went right, by reading above the Iris logo in the console, and making sure the number of loaded Custom Biomes is at least 70. This number can vary, but less is likely a problem.

Creating new Worlds

Simple! Run /iris create

Replacing your Main World

  1. Create a new world with the command above

  2. Stop the server

  3. Navigate to the folder of your main world (usually just the world folder)

  4. Move the datapacks folder from that folder -> to the folder with the name of the world you created with /iris create

  5. Next, open your file and search for level-name=world

  6. Replace world with the name of your Iris world (where you just moved the datapacks folder to)

  7. If you want to keep your current end or nether, you need to rename the world_nether and world_the_end folders to be newname_nether and newname_the_end (replacing newname with the name of the world you created with /iris create). Otherwise, a new nether and end will be generated.

  8. Start the server

Accessing the World

There are multiple options to access and manage worlds.

Multiverse is not supported. See Compatibility.


We offer support on our Discord. You can ask questions there if you run into an error, for example, and want to know how to fix it. Thank you for using Iris!

  • The Volmit Software Team

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