Getting Started
A quick start to get you generating Iris worlds in no-time!
We understand you want to set Iris up quickly, but it is important to take every step carefully to prevent your worlds from breaking.
Iris can create and generate any number of worlds for you. Iris does come with a bit of a manual, but we try to keep it as easy as possible for you here.
This tutorial was made using Purpur. We strongly recommend using it. Paper is also supported. Spigot is not supported.
Any other server version you may choose to use may be unstable with Iris.
Iris updates are released frequently. Unlike most plugins, updating Iris may cause more issues than that it resolves.
In general, you should only update the plugin or pack when you are ready to create a new world, and delete old ones.
If you are looking for a specific bug-fix, and the version that fix is on is relatively close to yours (2.0.3 to 2.0.5 for example), ask support if you can safely update. "Is it safe to update from 2.0.3 to 2.0.5? I want to update because of <this> and <that>"


  • Install Iris, by putting the latest jar file in the */plugins folder.
  • Start the server.
  • Wait. Iris will restart the server to install the pack. You may need to manually start it again.
  • Make sure it all went right, by reading above the Iris logo in the console, and making sure the number of loaded Custom Biomes is at least 70. This number can vary, but less is likely a problem.
If the number is lower than 70, contact support.

Creating the World

  • Stop the server.
  • Open the */bukkit.yml file
  • Add to the bottom of the file the following lines:
generator: Iris:overworld
If you want to replace your main world, replace NAME with the name of your main world (usually simply world).
If you want to make a new world, replace NAME with the name you want to give the world.
Never create a world called Iris or iris. It will be deleted every time you restart.
  • Start the server.
Consider Pregeneration to significantly reduce lag on your new world!

Accessing the World

There are many options to access the world. We support most of them.


We offer support on our Discord. You can ask questions there if you run into an error, for example, and want to know how to fix it. Thank you for using Iris!
  • The Volmit Software Team