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All the info about the NewHorizons diminution biomes

About NewHorizons 🌃

The pack does not have high performance, so it is recommended to use a pregen. It will be gradually refined. Mangrove, sakura, sequoia and jungle trees by Eremilion

Biome Categories

Installation Guide

Make Sure That you have followed the Getting Started GuideThe only thing that changed when following the Getting Started Guide is Creating the World you need to do it this way

Creating The World

  • Stop the server.

  • Open the */bukkit.yml file

  • Add to the bottom of the file the following lines:

worlds:NAME:generator: Iris:newhorizonsIf you want to replace your main world, replace NAME with the name of your main world (usually simply world). If you choose this option, you should also delete everything in the world folder apart from the Datapacks so no old data will be present (and all chunks will be Iris).If you want to make a new world, replace NAME with the name you want to give the world. If you want to make another new world, simply add another entry, without worldsworlds:NAME1:generator: Iris:newhorizonsNAME2:generator: Iris:newhorizonsNever create a world called Iris or iris. It will be deleted every time you restart.You Must Use Pregeneration to significantly reduce lag on your new world!The pack does not have high performance

  • Start the server.

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