Creating a new project

This page teaches you how to create a new project and set up Iris Studio

This tutorial assumes you have Visual Studio Code installed and working.


For starters, projects are located in the packs folder (found at */plugins/Iris/packs). Each project contains dimensions, biomes, regions and more. Each project has its own VSCode Workspace.

Creating a new Project

Iris Studio is the system that allows you to easily design your own dimensions, or edit existing ones. To start using studio, first you will need to turn on studio in the settings and restart your server.

To start working with Iris Studio in a new project, we first have to create a new project. Do so with the in-game studio create command. In this command you specify a template, which is the baseline from where we start editing.

If you're following this Wiki as a tutorial to go over all Understanding topics, you must use /iris studio create <packName> template=example as we will assume you use this later.

You can use this command for any project to create a copy, but if you're just looking to edit something small, you can also use /iris studio open <packName> to directly edit the original.

Once you run the command for your project, Iris will create a new project test world (called a Studio World) and should open VSCode with your project in it. After the first time, you can use the studio open command instead of the create command to re-open this project world & VSCode workspace. Once finished working on the Dimension, use the studio close command to delete the world and save your workspace progress.

If Visual Studio Code does not open like it is supposed to, please navigate to the following folder: */plugins/Iris/packs/<packName> and open packName.code-workspace.

It is recommended that you use GitHub. If you are not familiar with using this program, check out the documentation on GitHub. Putting your project in a repository would give you the power to revert, to back-up and have many additional options regarding project changes.

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