Packaging & Publishing your Dimensions

Here you find information on packaging and publishing your dimensions for others to use.

Packaging your Project

You can package your project by using the studio package command. This compresses the project (copy) and strips away unused objects and files (only in the package, your project is not modified itself). This can be used for sending dimensions to others quickly. Simply place this .iris file in a packs folder to use it.

Publishing your Project on Iris

You can publish your project to the Iris GitHub community so that anyone can use /iris create type=YOURWORLD. Iris will then download your project & start generating it for them. To do this, you must fill a few requirements:

  1. Your project must be on GitHub (sorry, not any other Git site for now) and be setup properly,

  2. The dimension should be unique or have content in it that offers something new.

Simply make a Pull Request to this list and add your dimension name, followed by a space and the URL to your GitHub project.

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