Command System

Iris features a command system called Decree, which allows us to make new commands easily, and allows you to see all kinds of helpful information on a command.

The main command

The main command to access is /iris. Running this command shows you the main page of commands.


You can hover over any command or parameter to see:

  • A description

  • A warning if you do not have permission to use it

  • Examples of how to use

  • If a parameter is required or not

  • If a parameter can be derived from context (such as the world you are in)

  • The default value of the parameter (if it has one)

  • The type of a parameter (such as String or Integer, or even IrisDimension or World)


Iris is really good at guessing what you want / filling in the blanks. If you specify a command that is specific for a world, like /iris pregen, Iris will guess that the world you are currently in (as a player) is the world you want to use the command on. You can always manually input the value if Iris is guessing wrong, by adding it to the command.


You can click any command to either:

  • Run the command (if it has no parameters. I.e. a subsection)

  • Suggest the command (put it in your chat box, so you can add further values)

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