Dimensions contain all world-wide settings. They are the starting point for any new Dimension and have the most power over your world's looks. You find / create dimensions in the 'dimensions' folder.


    "name": "Tutorial",
    "fluidHeight": 69,
    "regions": [

Despite being powerful, Dimensions require very little to set-up.

You need a name, which should be the exact same as the name of the directory it is in (capitalized).

You then set the fluidHeight, which is the height at which land appears, and below which water (oceans/lakes) appear. In vanilla Minecraft, this is set to 63, but we need to be funnier so 69 it is.

Last and definitely not least, regions are set as a list ([...]). Each of these regions can also be found in the regions folder.

5 Elements

Five other settings that you will likely need when setting up a dimension are:

    "deposits": [],
    "focus": "plain",
    "focusRegion": "plains",
    "landChance": 0.5,
    "preventLeafDecay": true,
    "regionStyle": {},
    "regionZoom": 0,
    "landBiomeStyle": {},
    "landZoom": 0


deposits contains all ores you will spawn in your world. This setting is also available in separate Regions and Biomes.

Focus & Focus Region

focus and focusRegion let you select a biome and region respectively which will then become the only biome/region that is generated (very useful for testing).

Land Chance

landChance is the chance the terrain is above the earlier defined fluidHeight, meaning there is land. If you want to make an ocean world, set this to 0

Prevent Leaf Decay

preventLeafDecay allows you to make all leaves on trees persistent. This means you can make massive trees which do not have logs next to every leaf, without having all leaves decay (be removed over time)

Region & Land Style

regionStyle and regionZoom allow you to modify the way regions are placed within the world. regionZoom zooms in on the style. Take inspiration from the Overworld's Settings - RegionStyle.

landBiomeStyle and landZoom allow you to modify the way biomes are placed within regions. landZoom zooms in on the style. Take inspiration from the Overworld's Settings - LandBiomeStyle.

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