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Updating the Overworld

When the Overworld Dimension is updated, follow these steps to properly upgrade.

How To Update Your Pack - Future non generated Worlds

Updating should only be done when needed to, or when you are ready to update the content from the latest release. This goes for both the Plugin as the Overworld pack.
/iris download <packName> overwrite=true
This command does not update the current Overworld that is in any active Iris world, but only the one in the */plugins/Iris/packs folder. Thus, you would need to remake or update the worlds to see any changes propagate. This is also why you need to make sure you are ready to delete all existing Iris worlds and create new ones.
Updating loaded worlds can cause terrible transitions between old and new chunks, which is why the option below is advised against.

How To Update Your Pack - Generated Worlds

NOT RECOMMENDED - Use at your own risk. Know what you are doing. This can and likely will cause issues in your world! You must back-up before doing this. We will not provide support if you did not.
/iris update-world