Being Struck, and not blocking the damage with either Shields, or Armor and you will gain XP in Tragoul

Current TragOul Skills:


When taking damage Send shards of your blood back at the attackers dealing damage based on the level of the skill. Not much of a visual to show here! but hopefully that makes sense.

Globe of pain

Your damage is divided by the number of enemies in your zone + your level, So if you have 3 enemies and are dealing 8 damage, your damage would be 0 if you had 1 level, and the enemies would each take 3 damage, Minimum of 2 enemies required.

Corpse Lances

Getting a kill, will start a secquence of events, one being that it sends a slow moving ORB from the slain enemy to the next nearest enemy / living thing. This orb CAN kill, and if it dows it will send another seeker from that corpse continuing the chain. The damage of these seekers is based on the inital damage that was dont when the killing blow slain the first enemy. Each seeker Damages you equal to Half of its own damage to deal, and Each seekers damage deals 80% of its Damage trigger. All of these values are configurable.

Will of Pain

When dealing damage by any means, Skills, Corps Lances' or external factors that you cause, you regain a portion of the damage in health that you dealt.

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