Using a Dealing damage with, or Mining the respective blocks for the Shovel will earn you excavation XP! [EXCAVATE THEIR SKULLS]

Current Excavation Skills:

Hasty Excavator

When you start mining a block you are given a burst of haste 1-3 by default for a moment, not as powerful as the potion effect but good for burst mining lighter blocks with ease!

Super-Seeing Spelunker

This skill is literally wallhacks, but with a consumption base! Using the glow-berries and having an ore in your hand you are able to locate nearby ores with your heightened senses!


This tool is one of the strongest you can have in your arsenal! This tool allows you so Shift-click a tool in your inventory and COMBINE them tohether! This tool will also inteligently swap based on what you click on, So if you have a shovel and a axe as a multitool, they will swap when breaking/tilling dirt, or Mining/stripping logs independently. Notes: - The Tool will break all of the tools if even 1 is broken - Each item is its own item so you can swap to the tool, and enchant without enchanting others - Sneak, and Drop the Multitool to Deconstruct the scaffold and get all the tools back. - This is also a great way of storing lots of tools at once! - People who don't have the skill cant use the swapping mechanic

Shovel Drop-to-Inventory

When mining a block that has Drops (This goes for any Drop-to-inventory skill) All items that drop from it will be teleported to your inventory, INCLUDING things in containers like chests and so on, should you break it with a DTI skill

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