Being Teleported / Teleporting with Endereyes / any other system of teleportation, Throwing Eyes / Pearls, Damaging / Killing Things of the End will all grant XP.

Current Rift Skills:

Rift Resistance

Using any of the rift skills, or Enderperals / Eyes in general will provide you with a variable boost of resistance, There is nothing to show in terms of effects, as its all passives. but the resistance can be up to 80% by default when recalling to a point.

Remote Access

You can craft a Bound item that acts like a gateway to a block in a world. With this you bind it to a block location and if its a container you can open and access it (you need permission ofc) but The block can be broken, and replaced with something else by a friend or yourself and you can access this new container! Works Cross Worlds.

Easy Enderchest

Open an enderchest By Left Clicking the chest while holding it (Don't place it!)

Rift Gate

You mark a origin point, and on use it will consume the beacon and return you to that location with a neat particle / animation. it should be noted that you CAN still be killed in this, and it makes you a target as you cant leave the animation.

This allows you to blink like an Enderman! you can phase from anywhere to anywhere, even through blocks, its based on your momentum and facing direction, Will always place you somewhere safe. But as you can see in the video, it will NOT stop your momentum!, Prioritizes heights/Through things over distance


If you are ever given the Levitation effect you can cancel it by sneaking to be then given feather falling. at the end of the feather falling buff you will be able to activate the skill once more.

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