What is Adapt?

Welcome to the official Adapt wiki, May these pages turn forever!


Adapt is a drag-and-drop solution for balanced passive abilities and skills that players can enjoy on a server. There are over 100 abilities that are fresh and unique for you and your players to enjoy!

Adapt Abilities are all accessible in the in-game GUI (Right-clicking any Bookshelf Face) providing a more user-friendly experience to a "skills" system. Most servers want to increase the quality of the "vanilla" experience. Most Skill based plugins are about powers, game-breaking systems, and riddles with bugs. That's where Adapt comes in. Lightweight on the server, and providing mere quality of life enhancements to a user's experience.

You can buy Adapt on Spigot or if you are a Developer and want to contribute you can compile it. It's open source.

If you encounter any bugs or have a feature request, then use our GitHub repo to create a report.

For further questions, please visit our Discord server.

This wiki is a work in progress. If something is missing, please visit our Discord server.

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