Crafting, or being near someone who crafts will earn you XP!

Current Crafting Skills:


You are able to un-craft things into 1/2 of their primary base components (rounded down) If there are multiple it will pick one at random, but defaults to the largest base in the tree. Id buggy at lower ping.


You earn passive xp (not orbs) when you craft, this allows for you to passively gain Experience from crafting, there are systems in place to make sure you cant cheat the system by bulk crafting. Complex items reward more, and there are arbitrary cooldowns to make it feel random. and it will split it from Minecraft Experience to crafting XP.

Crafting Leather

Place Rotten flesh on a campfire to create leather!

Craftable Skulls

Using a bone block, and a respective material you are able to craft a skull itself! Zombie: Rotting Flesh Skeleton: Bone Creeper: Gunpowder Wither: Nether Brick Dragon: Dragons Breath

A Boutilier's Backpacks!

Mojang added a fantastic item called a bundle, this item is in the game but unused anywhere with no recipe! You can hold up to 1 stack of items(the contents in the bag can be up to 64 items, ie: 32 seeds, and 32 wheat) at the time of writing this, Mojang might change that but this will reflect it.,space%20for%20any%20other%20items. Note: you need to be in survival to use.


The reconstruction skill allows you to pay an extraordinarily large price to make a single ore, this is probably to be used in placement of a silk touch if you need an ore for some reason. You can get Nether, Deepslate, and Stone variants of all ores! 8 of the Drops and 1 Host = 1 Ore (shapeless) Drops must be smelted (if applicable) Not including: Scraps, Quarts, and Emeralds etc... Host = Encasement. ie: Stone, Netherack, Deepslate

Portable Tables

Tables that you can normally open you can instead right click in the air to open WHILE in your hand! It should be noted that Some tables dont play well with not having an item like an anvil so you AMY lost any items you leave in the table before closing, this mainly affects people with low ping

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