In the Server/Plugins/Adapt/adapt/ Folder you will Find this file. And here ill explain everything that you would need to know to be able to configure it

    "autoUpdateCheck": true,
    "xpInCreative": false,
    "fallbackLanguageDontChangeUnlessYouKnowWhatYouAreDoing": "en_US",
    "protectorSupport": {
        "chestProtect": true,
        "factionsClaim": false,
        "residence": true,
        "worldguard": true
    "protectionOverrides": {"adaptation-name": {"WorldGuard": true}},
    "language": "en_US",
    "autoUpdateLanguage": true,
    "splashScreen": true,
    "loginBonus": true,
    "sql": {
        "database": "adapt",
        "password": "password",
        "port": 1337,
        "host": "localhost",
        "username": "user"
    "useEnchantmentTableParticleForActiveEffects": true,
    "advancements": true,
    "learnUnlearnButtonDelayTicks": 14,
    "adaptActivatorBlock": "BOOKSHELF",
    "unlearnAllButton": false,
    "experienceMaxLevel": 1000,
    "maxRecipeListPrecaution": 25,
    "hardcoreNoRefunds": false,
    "value": {
        "baseValue": 1,
        "valueMutlipliers": {
            "EGG": 1.335,
            "NETHER_QUARTZ_ORE": 1.11,
            "PORKCHOP": 1.125,
            "GHAST_TEAR": 100,
            "ENDER_PEARL": 75,
            "REDSTONE_ORE": 4.5,
            "NETHER_GOLD_ORE": 4.5,
            "DIAMOND_ORE": 5,
            "WHEAT": 1.25,
            "CARROT": 1.25,
            "IRON_ORE": 1.75,
            "BEETROOT": 1.25,
            "BLAZE_ROD": 50,
            "CHICKEN": 1.13,
            "FLINT": 1.35,
            "LAPIS_ORE": 3.5,
            "GOLD_ORE": 4,
            "LEATHER": 1.5,
            "BEEF": 1.125,
            "COAL_ORE": 1.35,
            "MUTTON": 1.125
    "actionbarNotifyXp": true,
    "preventHunterSkillsWhenHungerApplied": true,
    "debug": false,
    "xpCurve": "XL3L7",
    "escClosesAllGuis": false,
    "playerXpPerSkillLevelUpBase": 489,
    "useSql": false,
    "verbose": false,
    "blacklistedWorlds": [
    "allowAdaptationsInCreative": false,
    "powerPerLevel": 0.73,
    "actionbarNotifyLevel": true,
    "metrics": true,
    "playerXpPerSkillLevelUpLevelMultiplier": 44,
    "guiBackButton": false,
    "hardcoreResetOnPlayerDeath": false


The debug option is not something that you should touch unless you are a developer and know what you are doing. as it slows adapt down but allows you to see marked debug gable values. i.e. if a developer makes something with Adapt.debug("blabla"); that's what gets sent


This sends a ping to the github page and will tell you if can update the plugin


By default this is false, as most skills are designed with creative in mind and the balance / feel might be clunky elsewise. but you can toggle that here


This will delete and regenerate the English / specified language files for you to always have a fresh language in case anything changes per updates.


The adaptActivatorBlock is the baseline starting block that all adapt is dependent on. If you change this know the implications of that. as Adapt can literally just not work at all after this is changed.


This is the "ADAPT" or easter eggs in the startup logs


This adds a back button to skills pages


This will kick a player, Delete their data, and essentially start them from scratch when they die, as if they never used it before.


This dictates if a player can earn XP while they are in creative


This is the requiem for the maximum leveling, limit. The Default is 1000 (integer based), allowing the maximum level a skill can get to be 1000. Don't lower it to a point where people start to lose levels, as that might cause errors.


If you use a SQL database, you can put that all here! (you need to toggle useSQL)


this adds an "unlearn all" button to the main page


Prevent adapt from loading or being usable in certain worlds


defaulted to 25, but this is a remediation to other plugins, or minecraft having looping recipes that can be infinite in our complexity calculation. if something is complex its more xp, but if its infinite you crash, so this is a required depth check


This is the particle effect that adapt uses when opening the block, or other experience gains.


if you want to use advancements or not


if you spend for a skill, you may not get a refund, only for people experienced with adapt because it is unforgiving.


this prevents the stacking of hunter skills if they already have hunger stacks, you can uncheck this to essentially allow players to dig a hole of infinite hunger stacks and infinite bonuses. fun for silly play.


This allows you to press esc, and close all the GUI's instead of flipping through the pages


Do you want to give a player an XP bonus when they join the server for the first time / after not being on for a while?


If you are using any of the plugins here you can enable these and it will do a permission check for players using adaptations in the zones specified as true.


This is the DEFAULT language that should never be changed, If you are using a different language other than English you might be missing keys, if you are they will fallback to this, English's key. however if you change this you will see gobbledegook.


Adapt has a few xpCurve that you can choose from. They all have the same ID but each change the Rate of global XP / Levels are distributed.

These are the Current Curves and the rae
XL1L7(level -> ((1337 * level) + Math.pow(level * 0.95, Math.PI)) / 1.137), 
XL15L7(level -> ((1837 * level) + Math.pow(level * 0.95, Math.PI)) / 1.137),
XL2L7(level -> ((2337 * level) + Math.pow(level * 0.95, Math.PI)) / 1.137), 
XL3L7(level -> ((3337 * level) + Math.pow(level * 0.95, Math.PI)) / 1.137),
XL4L7(level -> ((4337 * level) + Math.pow(level * 0.95, Math.PI)) / 1.137), 
XL5L7(level -> ((5337 * level) + Math.pow(level * 0.95, Math.PI)) / 1.137), 
XL6L7(level -> ((6337 * level) + Math.pow(level * 0.95, Math.PI)) / 1.137), 
XL7L7(level -> ((7337 * level) + Math.pow(level * 0.95, Math.PI)) / 1.137), 
XL8L7(level -> ((8337 * level) + Math.pow(level * 0.95, Math.PI)) / 1.137), 
XL9L7(level -> ((8337 * level) + Math.pow(level * 0.95, Math.PI)) / 1.137); 

The current / Default is XL1L7


For Leveling up Each level has a baseline. For example, we set the default playerXpPerSkillLevelUpBase value to 489, This is the MINIMUM needed XP to start and get the first level across all skills / adaptations / global skills. Do not set this to 0


The language Keys are for your preferred localization that you want to use! We default to English and will always support English, but if you look at the spigot page you can see all the supported languages. To see the language codes to put in here, please refer to this, and just copy/paste the code of the language that you want to this. please be aware that if you use the wrong one you will crash adapt / it will spams errors and try to default to English


powerPerLevel has the purpose of setting the amount of levels you need to be able to unlock the first and subsequent levels. For example: to get to 1 power you need to be at level 2. to be at 3 power you need to be at level 5-ish. each level increases the cost of leveling up


Are you willing to be included in BSTATS? just lets us know your server version / Adapt version


This is a Percent Multiplier thats additive to each skill level up. ie: 489 + 44% of 489


Feel free to ignore this, this is autogenerated for when we planned to make a "spending system" but as of now it remains a remnant as of now, but it may get reimplemented in a better way


Keep this off, trust me.

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