Architect Skills are earned by simply placing blocks, and placing blocks with high values / complexities (these blocks are one offs), Arguably my favorite tree, purely based on versatility.

Current Architect Skills:


This foundation is created under you while sneaking, you are given sound queues as to when your ability is charged and on cooldown. The maximum blocks increase as the level increases, the duration does not. Furthermore it will not save you from a fall, and is designed to fail when falling at any height where you can sustain damage.


Silk Touch Glass is by default a Permanent Skill and once learned may NOT be unlearned, This skill gives you the capability to break glass with non-tools or bare hands to get the glass to drop for you!

Builders Wand

By simply sneaking and holding a block in your hand that matches what you are looking at, you are able to place blocks as if you had a modded builders wand. Great for making walls, a smidge buggy if you are on lower ping.

Wireless Redstone

You are able to craft and use a remote! This remote can be bound to in-world Target block, and this target block is able to be triggered from anywhere as if you were flicking a switch (is not affected by burnout, but is affected in its own internal clock) note, this counts as a Mechanical machine and therefore will make noise!

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