Merely using a shield, and blocking damage with a shield will earn you Blocking experience!

Current Blocking Skills:


This allows you to passively grant yourself an item that switches based on need, akin to Excavation Multitool, this chestplate-elytra hybrid will switch based on what you are doing, if you are falling it is an elytra, or if you are on the ground its a chestplate!

Chains of Mephistopheles

Chains are a Permanent Skill by default, but this allows the wearer to create chainmail armor by using the Iron nuggets in the same way as normal ingots!

Craftable Saddle

This is a a Permanent Skill by default, that lets you Craft Saddles using leather in an upside down helmet shape!

Craftable Horse-Armor

Craftable Horse-Armor is a Permanent Skill by default, you are able to Craft horse armor by surrounding a saddle with any resource like Gold, iron, diamonds etc...

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