Axe Skills are earned by either Dealing damage with an axe, or Breaking its respective blocks with an axe (Woods etc...)

Current Axe Skills:


Cut Down trees in a single foul swoop of the axe! Right click and chop the logs instantly! The logs that are broken do increased axe durability up to max level which does normal durability.

Lucy's Log Swapper

This is a Permanent Skill by default, and this skill allows you to learn a shapeless recipe to craft varrying logs based on saplings

Drop to inventory

When mining a block that has Drops (This goes for any Drop-to-inventory skill) All items that drop from it will be teleported to your inventory, INCLUDING things in containers like chests and so on, should you break it with a DTI skill


With an axe you can Sneak, and Jump-crit an enemy to do a wave of damage to all nearby enemies (scales with level) and you may damage yourself in the process equal to 1/5th in true damage

Leaf Miner

As the name would imply this is a veinminer skill for leaves! It should be noted to prevent duplication and resource farming you are not able to get drops from the leaves equal to the rate in game or at all (Resources disabled by default)

Wood Miner

Just like the leaf miner, in the sense that it breaks all blocks at once, and does not have to be tethered to a tree! Fantastic if you are trying to break a base in a hurry!

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