Killing Living Entities and or their child aged counterparts! (Turtle shells give bonus XP, you are a horrible person)

Current Hunter Skills:


The lower your health is, the higher base damage you do! This is ONLY mele damage ie: Swords, fists, axes etc... Default up to 33% max damage (Multiplicative) in the video, its hard to tell, but im dealing 1 more heart of damage with the wooden sword at critical health.

Items Drop-to-Inventory

When killing something that has Drops (This goes for any Drop-to-inventory skill) All items that drop from it will be teleported to your inventory, INCLUDING things in containers like chests and so on, should you break it with a DTI skill

Effect Skills [Regen, Vanish, Heights, Luck, Speed, Strength, Resistance etc.]

All of these Skills work the same, That being that When you take damage you will gain some kind of potion effect to aid in the combat situation, However you WILL gain a motive of Hunger when you take damage and this effect varies based on the strength of potion effect, use it wisely.

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