Adapt was not designed to have many commands, and was designed to be a different approach to the skill system. However Boosts, items, and GUI's are covered.

There are a few commands that are in adapt, Opening the GUI, Debug Tools, and Admin items for skills. PLEASE READ: It Should be noted that the Skill-Snowballs ARE a developer item, and it CAN break a player's save file. If you give this to a player the DO NOT GIVE them any more XP than 20 Levels Worth, or the player will be unable to gain XP in that category for a while. as a developer you can delete your save file as needed, But Snowballs under 10k should be fine


Breakdown: [] : Optional <> : Required

All Permission nodes are available in the plugin.yml (so places can autocomplete them)

  • Boost

    • /adapt boost <Seconds (int)> <Multiplier(Double)> [player]

    • Boost a Player, or Global Experience gain by a Multiplier

  • GUI (opening the windows)

    • /adapt gui <GUI-Target> [player] [force]

      • This command allows you to open an [Adaptation], [Skill], or [Main] Window for any of the UI elements we have in adapt, This is useful for making custom UI's and assigning them to these values. The FORCE Boolean is defaulted to false, and will fail is the user cant open the menu either VIA Permission Blacklisting, or any other reason. Player is also optional, and is sender unless otherwise specified

  • Experience / Knowledge

    • PLEASE NOTE: I Would almost exclusively use the experience orbs, instead of the knowledge orbs. if you want to give yourself or an admin all of the skills/be able to use them this command: /adapt item experience [all] 10000 And never use the knowledge variant. as it will likely lock that player / the sender from gaining XP if you use it. the intent is for manual setting of values etc... or testing your own skill level up rates, nor for player distribution. the Experience one however, is designed for validity, and to be given to people. and can double as a testing one! (i, as the developer almost never use knowledge, as experience grants you knowledge!)

    • /adapt item <experience/knowledge> <Skill-Target> <Value> [Player]

      • Gives Experience, or knowledge to a player in a throwable item

  • Skill Determinator

    • /adapt determine <adaptation> <assign/relinquish> <force/try> <level> [TargetPlayer]

      • This allows you to manually assign or relinquish an adaptation on a user. example usage below

        • /adapt determine nether-skull-toss true true 1 MagicPsycho

          • force the skill nether-skull-toss to be learned at level 1 for MagicPsycho

        • /adapt determine nether-skull-toss false false 1 MagicPsycho

          • try to unlearn the skill, but dont force it if its not unlearnable all the way to level 1

            • (when you unlearn level 1 you unlearn all of the skill so this would essentially unequipt the skill for me, and try to give me the resources i put into it back)

  • DEBUG/Developer

    • /adapt debug pap

      • Prints all permission nodes for Adaptations

    • /adapt debug psp

      • Prints all permission nodes for Skills

    • /adapt debug verbose

      • Toggles Verbose mode, Useful for finding misbehaving skills/adaptations

    • /adapt debug sound <Minecraft Sound Effect>

    • Plays a Sound effect

    • /adapt debug particle <Minecraft Particle Effect>

    • Plays a Particle effect

For Permission Nodes, and Skill Permission Blacklists see next page!

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