Eating Food, Farming, Being near plants, replanting, and all general farming tasks will earn you Herbalism XP!

Current Herbalism Skills:

Growth Aura

This skill consumes your own Saturation Agressively to grow nearby crops! The hunger impact is significantly lower the higher the level, additionally the speed of growth is also increased!

Harvest and Replant

This allows you to harvest plants and replant them without needing to break them! The Skill WILL break plants and replant them even if they aren't fully grown, and this still consumes durability.

Hungry Shield

This skill will drop your hunger to reduce the amount of incoming damage that you take by a specific percent (configurable)

Herbalist's Hippo

When you eat something, you regain MORE saturation from Food items! This effect is increased with organic items!

Hoe Drop-to-Inventory

When mining a block that has Drops (This goes for any Drop-to-inventory skill) All items that drop from it will be teleported to your inventory, INCLUDING things in containers like chests and so on, should you break it with a DTI skill

Herbalist's Luck

When breaking Grass and flowers that have not already been broken you are able to get special things like food or more seeds for your adventures!

Herbalist's Myconid

Grants you the Skill to craft Mycelium! Red mushroom, Brown Mushroom, and 1 Dirt will get you 1 Mycelium.

Herbalist's Terralid

Grants you the skill to craft Grass Blocks! With 3 Seeds, over 3 Dirt you can get 3 Grass! See image Below:

Mushroom Maker

4 Mushrooms to make a blocks, or 1 block to make a Stem!

Webby Creator

Simply allows you to create a cobweb with 9 String.

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