As you would probably guess, Making, Brewing, Using and being affected by potions will earn you brewing XP

Current Brewing Skills:


This skill allows for your brewed potions at max level to have an increase of up to 600ms more! (configurable)

Super-Heated Brew

The hotter the blocks surrounding a brewing stand, the faster the brews are!

Bottled [Brew here]

These Skills allow you to brew unsafe and strange potions that all have a splash, normal, and lingering variant of themselves! All potions once learned are Permanent by default! And the potions can be very strong if used in tandem with each other and vanilla potions!

Absorption :

Instant Heal + Quartz = Potion of Absorption (60 seconds) Instant Heal + Quartz Block = Potion of Absorption-2 (30 seconds)

Blindness :

Awkward Potion + Ink sack = Potion of Blindness (30 seconds) Awkward Potion + Glowing Ink Sack = Potion of Blindness-2 (15 seconds)

Darkness :

NightVision Potion + Black Concrete = Potion of Darkness (30 seconds) It Should be noted that This prevents the user from Sprinting! (that's why this is good)

Decay :

Weakness Potion + Poisonous Potato = Potion of Wither (16 seconds) Weakness Potion + Crimson Roots = Potion of Wither-2 (8 seconds)

Fatigue :

Weakness Potion + Slime Ball = Potion of Fatigue (30 seconds) Weakness Potion + Slime Block = Potion of Fatigue-2 (15 seconds)

Haste :

Speed Potion + Amethyst Shard = Potion of Haste (60 seconds) Speed Potion + Amethyst Block = Potion of Haste-2 (30 seconds)

Life :

Instant-Healing Potion + Golden Apple = Potion of Health Boost (120 seconds) Instant-Healing Potion + Enchanted Golden Apple = Potion of Health Boost-2 (120 seconds)

Hunger :

Awkward Potion + Rotten Flesh = Potion of Hunger (30 seconds) Weakness Potion + Rotten Flesh = Potion of Hunger-3 (15 seconds)

Nausea :

Awkward Potion + Brown Mushroom = Potion of Nausea (16 seconds) Awkward Potion + Crimson Fungus = Potion of Nausea-2 (8 seconds)

Resistance :

Awkward Potion + Iron Ingot = Potion of Resistance (60 seconds) Awkward Potion + Iron Block = Potion of Resistance-2 (30 seconds)

Saturation :

Regen Potion + Baked Potato = Potion of Saturation Regen Potion + Hay Bale = Potion of Saturation-2

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