Bashing faces in with or mining the respective blocks with Pickaxes all earn XP!

Current Pickaxe Skills:

Ore Chisel

Working with fortune, and inventory smelter, you are able to carefully pry ores from the block! Warning it does have an increases cost to the tool's durability!


Akin to the Forge mod, This will allow you to mine ores from a whole vein! but it will NOT bring the ores to you, Works with the Drop-to-Inventory skill, and the smelt skill. ALso works with Fortune!


Mined Ores will be smelted and dropped for you! Works with fortune, and Drop-to-Inventory


When mining a block that has Drops (This goes for any Drop-to-inventory skill) All items that drop from it will be teleported to your inventory, INCLUDING things in containers like chests and so on, should you break it with a DTI skill

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