Swimming, or being near the ocean / Being Prone near water or in water will all net you XP

Current Seaborne Skills:

Oxygen Tank

The more you move the more oxygen you regain in the swimming lungs that you have in that tiny little meat sack of a body!

Dolphin's Grace

This lets you be a Dolphin's Chosen Without needing Dolphins, OR being chosen! its the best of both worlds!

Fisher's Fantasy

Earn more XP, and get more fish from fishing! The XP is in the shape of orbs, and works with enchantments that affect the fishing rod (The video is so long)

Turtle Vision & Turtle Miner

Have you ever wanted to take off the shaders for the effect that nigh-vision does for you under water? Me neither! but i implemented it anyway. And Miner lets you gain a spurr of haste while you are submerged under water!

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