All Agility Skills / XP can be earned by doing various things in the worldspace; such as: Sneaking, Flying, Sprinting, Falling, and just Moving around!

Current Agility Skills:


The Armor-up Skill allows you to passively gain armor while you move! The more you move, The more armor you get.

Wall Jump

The Wall jump skill allows for you to Jump on walls like a ninja, The more levels, the more jumps, and the heigher the jumps are, AND the longer you can cling before sliding down!


The Wind up skill is similar to the Armor up skill in that it only applies when you are running, but this skill gives you an ever increasing movement speed bonus and flame poots from your boots!

Super Jump

As the name would imply, you get to jump... Really high!, just SNeak to activate it and press space while sneaking! (Works with Wall Jump, and stacks with Jump Boost)

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