Boards (scoreboards) in gloss are a powerful way to display information to players wherever they are

Working with Multiple Boards

Gloss does not make use of a single board. You can create as many boards as you like, and configure each one differently. You can define group specific boards and more.
The base command for boards is /board

Creating Boards

To create a board, simply use:
/board new <name>

Editing Boards

Gloss boards are located in gloss's data folder Gloss/boards/<name>.json. Changes auto-load into the boards. No need to reload.

Board Defaulting

If you only need a single board for everyone, you can set the board to the default board show it is shown whenever you log in or change worlds. Everyone will see this board.
/board default <name>
However, if you wish to show multiple groups different boards via your permission system, you should instead create gloss groups and set the group's default board to different boards.

Showing & Hiding Boards

You can hide the current board with
/board hide
And show a specific board with
/board show <name>

Deleting Boards

You can delete boards with
/board delete <name>

Permission Locking Boards

You can assign a permission to any board so that even if the board is defaulted or supposed to be shown to everyone, only those with the permission you set will be able to view it.
/board permit <board> <permission>
For permission names, give it a single node. For example using /board permit <board> mortal Would prevent anyone from using <board> without the permission gloss.board.mortal.