There are a lot of commands in React. Other pages in this documentation may reference parts of this page.
Many of the commands on this page may have one or more alias commands between brackets behind their main title. This means that you can also run that command with the alias. Example: /react action collect-garbagedoes the same as /re act gc
Any parameter in between [ and ] is optional, meaning they can be omitted. Parameters between < and > cannot be omitted. (toogle) means that by running the command the function is either turned on or off.

React Commands

/react accept [player]

Use this command to accept a requested temp access to react from a user

/react access

Use this command to request temp access to react. This can be granted by online members or by console

/react action <action> [options]

Use this command to run an action
See Actions for more information

/react capabilities

Use this command to check react's capabilities and what features work

/react chunk

Use this command to display chunk stats you are standing in

/react chunktp <world> <x> <z>

Use this command to teleport to a chunk

/react environment

Use this command to retrieve server environment information

/react fix [fix]

Use this command to run predefined actions and tweaks to fix common server issues

/react glass (toggle)

Use this command to toggle React Glass. React Glass will display lag sources with particles therefor its easier to find what entities/chunks/hoppers/redstone is causing lag spikes

/react help [page]

Use this command to show a list of commands to use

/react installagent

Use this command to download and install the Memory Agent. See Memory Profiling for more info

/react map (toggle) [options]

Use this command to toggle the scrollable map
scrollable Map created by this command

/react memory [plugin/top]

Use this command to display memory information in your chat

/react monitor (toggle) [options]

Use this command to toggle the actionbar monitor which is using the Samplers
  • TPS (green)
  • Memory Use (gold)
  • Loaded Chunks (red)
  • Entities (aqua/cyan)
Actionbar created by this command
By quickly double tapping shift the monitor actionbar gets locked or unlocked
Locked Actionbar
In unlocked state you can scroll through the four pages of the monitor
Tick Actionbar
  • The first Number represents the servers Tick time (ms)
  • The seond Number represents the current cpu process usage
20 tps means 20 ticks per second. There are 1,000 ms in a single second
Means the server can spend up to 50 milliseconds during a single tick before it
drops below 20 tps (which is the targeted tps for every minecraft server to have
the best experience while playing on it)
Memory Actionbar
  • The first Number represents Memory allocated per second
  • The second Number represents the Samples memory totals
Chunks Actionbar
  • This Number represents the Chunks loaded per second
Entity Actionbar
  • The first Number represents the Living entity count (mobs)
  • The second Number represents the Drop count
  • The third Number represents the Tile entity count

/react ping [player] [opts]

Use this command to view and graph realtime ping (nanosecond accuracy)

/react reload [options]

Use this command to reload react

/react requests

Use this command to show all current requests for temp access to react

/react revoke [player]

Use this command to revoke access from an already accepted user

/react scoreboard (toggle)

Use this command to toggle Scoreboard Monitoring
React Scoreboard created by this command

/react status

Use this command to give yourself a book of status information
Book created by this command

/react subscribe [channel]

Use this command to subscribe to a notification channel

/react top

Use this command to show a list of the hardest hitting chunks
(temp) Inventory created by this command

/react tps

Use this command to display cpu and tick information
Chat reaction created by this command

/react unsubscribe [channel]

Use this command to unsubscribe to a notification channel

/react version

Use this command to get react's version

React AI Commands

/rai toggle

This command toggles the React AI on or off

/rai goals

This command gets RAI's Status

/rai goals export

This command exports Goals

/rai goals import <code/url>

This command imports Goals
See actions for more details of how to set goals up